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5 “Airport” Fashion Mistakes To Avoid

Vacation season is here. While I personally prefer comfort over fashion while planning my airport outfit (but that’s just me) here are my two-bits on what NOT to wear at the airport. Having just returned from a Bali vacation  (it was wonderful, thank you!) I knew I just had to put out a post on the airport/ flight discomforts many (most) of us endure in the name of fashion.

Read below to see what to avoid wearing at airports and on flights.

Uncomfortable Footwear:


I cannot stress the importance of this point enough. I personally choose my footwear first and decide my outfit around it. Ballerinas or slip-on or fashionable keds. Avoid flip-flops too because of their bad grip. Because airports are huge areas and one has to walk for miles around, whether its to grab that coffee or to rush to that boarding gate. So many women totter around airports uncomfortably, barely keeping up on their feet in high-heeled shoes. Beats me why one would do that! Unless of course you’re Victoria Beckham, because then you can 😉



You will be spending a lot of time at the airport and on the flight  before you get to take this thing off. Not to mention the cramped flight toilets which makes jumpsuit a bad choice for flights. My guess is you would not want to be  fumbling with all those buckles and zippers. Pulling a jumpsuit on and off is a task normally on a full bladder, it is many X tougher to do so at an airport or on a flight. Even though i love this wretched trend and i refuse to give up on jumpsuits, I can recall many, many episodes where there’s been a dash between the bladder and the zipper. And Iam not even talking about crowded airport loos.

Minimal, summer outfits:


Yes, I know you can’t wait to reach your each destination (don’t we all?), but don’t forget the sub-zero tempratures you will have to endure at the airport and on your flight. If you must don your favourite summer outfit to the airport, don’t forget to carry a warm stole and socks for the flight. Remember to “layer up”.


“That” outfit you’ve been dying to show-off:


Save it for the vacation and not for the airport. Tempting as it might be to post fab airport selfies and pics in your designer outfit and get 500 likes for it, wisdom is to pack it and keep it for the actual holiday. The airport/ aeroplane is just the right place to spoil your expensive dress. Not to mention the discomfort you might be in.


Heavy Perfume/ Heavy Jewellery:


Yes, we don’t want to be sitting next to that person who is a walking advertisement for a perfume ad. Be mindful and by that I mean please do not smell like yesterdays underwear either (in that case, i’ll take the walking advertisement please). Apply little  because you can always reload on the perfume in the flight bathroom. Same with heavy metal jewellery- less is more. We do not want the fellow passengers to be listening to our bangles clanking every minute!






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