Priyanka dazzles at the MET Gala, Deepika fails to impress

This year the Met Gala theme was Comme des Garcons and a celebration of the visionary designer Res Kawakubo. The evening saw the coming together of some of the biggest names in films, fashion and music, with each guest interpreting the theme in their own way, which was nominated by Anna Wintour.

Some guests took the theme literally, and opted for outfits which were a reminder of Kawakubo’s wearable pieces of art. Rihanna & Rita Orra being a few. But our desi girl Priyanka Chopra set the red carpet on fire with her long skin-colour trench-dress. Keeping in mimd the theme which was the ‘Art of the In-Between’ – a fashion style that merges two or more fashion styles. Check out her costume here


While Priyanka was lauded by the fashion fraternity, with even Vogue tweeting about her dress, Deepika failed to flutter. For the occasion, she chose a look that was nowhere close to the theme, opting for an ethereal—and nearly backless—dress by all-American designer Tommy Hilfiger and starry Fred Leighton jewels worth buying an island with.
To get her photo ready, she got her long, dark lengths back into a center-parted, low-slung chignon topped by a constellation of glittering diamond ornaments. I love how she looked but it wasn’t Met -worthy. Definately Oscar red carpet worthy, but thats for another day.



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