8 Things To Remember Before Your Next Bikini Wax


Summer is here and that means the swimsuit season is upon us. And that also means scheduling a bikini wax appointment (yeah, i know its not one of the salon visits to look forward to, atleast for moi). You don’t need to be embarrassed or self-conscious when it comes to getting your bits stripped, but you do need to know what’s what to get a safe and smooth wax. So here is my list ladies, to make it easier for you.

1- No Shaving:  You have to let it grow out wild n free (atleast for 4 weeks) before your appointment. If the hair is not long enough it means more pain and an uneven finish. And we don’t want that, do we?

2- Hot Wax Only: Check that your salon uses only HOT wax on sensitive areas-  Some salons will say they do and when you get there they use strip wax. Hot wax is a thick wax that they apply and then remove with just their hand. Strip wax is wonderful but shouldn’t be used on the areas mentioned as it’s notas gentle, and can leave you feeling sore. If they don’t use hot wax on bikini, Hollywood or Brazilian waxing then run for the hills.

3- Chocolate Wax is better: My personal experience again. Chocolate wax is better, smoother and actually prevents growth for a little bit longer than regular, honey wax. It is worth splurging a bit more of cash on.

4-  Exfoliate before you bare: To get the best results and to achieve silky soft skin, you need to prepare it pre-wax. Gently exfoliate and moisturize a day or two before your salon appointment as this will help the hairs break through, and be easier to be pulled out from the root. A regular body scrub should do.

 5- Don’t swim for 24 hours After: If you’ve just been waxed,  keep up the moisturising but stay away from pool & sea as pool and seawater can be very drying. Follow your salon’s aftercare advice and don’t go swimming until 24hrs after your waxing to avoid infections.

6- Careful while Sunbathing: Whatever you do, DO NOT expose the waxed body parts to the sun until 24-48 hours after your waxing as this sensitive skin will easily burn and you could be left with permanent pigmentation marks (dark brown patches). If you start to feel freshly waxed areas tingling when sunbathing then apply a higher SPF.

 7- Choose a skilled waxer: Again from personal experience – ALL salons offer waxing but not all of them do it well. A Brazilian wax shouldn’t be intimidating, but you’ll want to find a therapist who’s had proper training – you might realise (like i did) shockingly, that a lot of “specialists” have had no training in Brazilian waxing at all. You shouldn’t have to ask for thoroughness – an expert will know what she’s doing and you’ll know that she knows what she’s doing.

8- Moisturise Moisturise: Cant stress this enough. And coconut oil works wonders to reduce post-wax discomfort. Oh! And please do not try to do this yourself at home. There are some things we have to depend on the specialist for and this happens to be one.

And remember to BREATHE through it ;)))


Priyanka dazzles at the MET Gala, Deepika fails to impress

This year the Met Gala theme was Comme des Garcons and a celebration of the visionary designer Res Kawakubo. The evening saw the coming together of some of the biggest names in films, fashion and music, with each guest interpreting the theme in their own way, which was nominated by Anna Wintour.

Some guests took the theme literally, and opted for outfits which were a reminder of Kawakubo’s wearable pieces of art. Rihanna & Rita Orra being a few. But our desi girl Priyanka Chopra set the red carpet on fire with her long skin-colour trench-dress. Keeping in mimd the theme which was the ‘Art of the In-Between’ – a fashion style that merges two or more fashion styles. Check out her costume here


While Priyanka was lauded by the fashion fraternity, with even Vogue tweeting about her dress, Deepika failed to flutter. For the occasion, she chose a look that was nowhere close to the theme, opting for an ethereal—and nearly backless—dress by all-American designer Tommy Hilfiger and starry Fred Leighton jewels worth buying an island with.
To get her photo ready, she got her long, dark lengths back into a center-parted, low-slung chignon topped by a constellation of glittering diamond ornaments. I love how she looked but it wasn’t Met -worthy. Definately Oscar red carpet worthy, but thats for another day.