Fashion faux-pas that petite girls should avoid

Good things come in small (short) packages. But if you feel your clothes are not looking the way they should, you can be making the following mistakes. Read on to know what to avoid if you are petite.


Tunic Tops: Well, let me just say that tunic tops were not designed for petite frames. Choose crop tops instead to give the illusion of height.


Oversize Bags: A huge bag will add bulk to your frame and it might look like its going to swallow you whole. Opt for small/mid size bags.


Round-toe heels: I think this rule applies universally to all of us. Choose pointy toes heels to give an illusion of endless legs. Round toe heels just kill the entire look…see what i mean


Horizontal Stripes: This is a common mistake we all tend to make. Horizontal stripes are a height-cutter. Flip the stripes to vertical to add an illusion of a couple of inches.



Midi Skirts and Ankle Length Skirts : This hemline does not flatter short frames. Choose knee-length or go for mini skirts instead. And if you must wear them, then stay clear of BOLD prints. Go for solid colours and no prints please.


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Kim K takes it a bit too far

Kim Kardashian has been known to take fashion risks. But this latest look on a night out in LA left me a little perplexed. Here’s why:


Am i the only one who thinks that a satin bra with lace underwear is NOT cool? Its like she didn’t have the time to throw on the main outfit so she tried to make underwear look like an outfit. Or maybe she wanted to show off the effects of the “flu-diet”, which got a lot of people a whole lot upset. She took the post down later after coming under fire.

Next time dahlin, try to look a little put-together. Its not too difficult. Believe me.